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Welcome to our project page. Check out samples of logos, screenshots and links to some of our favorite website designs, social media, & more. 

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Logo: Aphrodite Luxe

Logo Design inspired by a painting of Aphrodite. We created a gold statue for their imaging


Website Redesign: Super Stolie

This fun project is very current and will launch early November 2021. We are working on refreshing the look to make it less "wordy" and more contemporary. Items like the guitar pick buttons are a custom design by MJ Squad.

MJ Site Refresh.jpg


Website Design: Bevverage Gear

We took this client from a site that was almost exclusively text to totally interactive. MJ Squad shot the video and did the product photography, editing the images for use all over the site. 


Logo Design: Hammerhead Sports Cards

Our client sent us an image he liked, but couldn't use because of clip-art rights. We were able to secure the rights and custom fit a sports jersey to this hammerhead shark!

Hammerhead Sports Cards-2.png
Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 4.48.22 PM.png


Website Design: Farmshow Milkshakes

This client needed to be able to ask a lot of questions for each booking. Our site design was able to get all the needed information, saving hours of back and forth emails between him and perspective bookings. 


Logo Design: Kid Party Pros

This client needed a fun, loud logo to match her playful business. We did both her site and this adorable logo. 


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