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The Black Abyss of Technology… and how to choose your path.

Our journey into the netherworld of technology was not like most. Megan and I began MJ Squad during Covid out of a desire to help friends and family navigate going to a touch-less system with their clients. Megan is an architect by trade and I am a certified elementary educator… but we both grew up in the era of budding technology. We coded to change our MySpace Covers as teens and experienced dial up and AOL chatting. In the early 90s, my Dad had a computer that I had to enter coded instructions to get to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle coloring page that hid in the depths of DOS. I actually called him to see if he remembered this device and that’s when I found out that his first laptop was a Monochrome 286 supplied by his company along with the brick phone installed in his car. From these early experiences with emerging technology, I was destined to help small businesses start their technological foot print.

There are thousands of options when it comes to creating your site, and thankfully, many no longer require tedious coding! We built out MJ Squad on Wix after seeing all of the updates and things included right in their platform. We love the ability to have a secure site hosted by Wix. They take care of the security and updates, and we get to focus on what we love. MJ Squad also builds out Squarespace, WordPress, Shopify, BlueHost & more.

Websites are not a one size fits all and so much confusion can come from options. Use a template? Hire? Do it yourself? Where do you host it? How do you manage security? All of these have different paths and the next thing you know, your site isn’t secure and instead of a back office, you see Chinese script and all is lost…

I look to trusted blogs and reliable companies to sort through all the options. has a great article on how to choose a trusted website host. Website Hosting

I agree with their top choice of BlueHost if you are going to manage your own site. Before you choose, check out all of the different considerations that go into that choice.

Coulson Technologies

At MJ Squad, we recommend and use a local company for our WordPress sites. Coulson Technologies is a securities company. They are a full service IT support company that does more than host, they protect. After having the experience of editing a site that I did not build, and having the entire back office of the site get hacked, I will never put myself into a position where that can happen again. Coulson has a variety of support packages including IT Help Desk, Cybersecurity, Data Recovery, Email Protection, & more. Schedule your Free Discovery Session with Coulson here.

Don’t get sucked down the abyss. Choose wisely the path ahead.

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