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Staying Safe Online: Avoiding Facebook Scams

Updated: Oct 24

Have you ever gotten an email from Facebook telling you your page violated their community standards? Or a DM stating that your page will be deleted in 24 hours? Here are some helpful tips to avoid facebook scams and what to look out for.

Avoiding scams on Facebook and social media
How to avoid Facebook scams

Stay Calm There is no reason to panic. There is a

high chance the alert you received is a scam. If you’re ever unsure, get a second opinion. Also, know that Facebook will never send an email or DM if your page or post has violated their standards.

Don’t Click any Links The best way to avoid facebook scams is to avoid clicking on any links in the email. Links are usually included in these messages for one single purpose: to retrieve your login information (and any cards on file or any other personal information connected to the login).

No issues page status check notification from Facebook.
Check your Facebook page status for any violations

Verify by Logging in Directly If you are concerned your page will be deleted “within 24 hours”, login from as usual. Go to Meta Business Suite from your business profile > All Tools > Page Settings > New Page Experience > Page Status. Here you’ll find any actual violations and you can dispute them. If there are no violations, you have received a scam message. Mark it as spam and delete it.

What to Look for in a Scam “How do I keep getting scammed?

example of facebook email scam
Example of email scam

It seemed legit!” We hear this often. Some signs to look for are: Bad Spelling and/or Grammar There’s usually a word or two spelled wrong and incomplete sentences. If you read it out loud, you’ll discover it quicker. The Sender An email will come from a long email address. Compare an email that looks shady to a legitimate email from Meta (like tips to grow your ad reach). You’ll see the email addresses are much different. If it’s a DM, it will come up as something like Meta Help. (with the period) or Facebook user. If it’s coming from “Facebook user”, this means someone has already reported the profile as spam so their name will no longer be listed (see example). MJ Squad provides Marketing Management services. We get messages multiple times a week from clients panicked that their page has been deleted. We provide peace of mind and strategies to best market on Social Media, Google, and more! For more tips on avoiding facebook scams, marketing tips and more please see our blog.

Reach out to us to learn more about our services! -Alyssa Jayne, MJ Squad Marketing

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