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Can I create a website for free?

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

and what to when. you get stuck....

Can I create a website for free? The short answer is yes, yes you can. This is one question that most of our clients have asked themselves at one time or another. Many new business owners want to control expenses. There are lots of platforms out there that offer free websites… Wix, Square Space, Square up and Go Daddy, just to name a few. They all offer templates that someone can simply populate the information into and get a site with free url... something like Technically, you got a free site- it's not findable, but yes, it's free. Without some technical knowledge and support, many business owners are left with half started sites that don’t get cataloged by search engines and have lots of glitches and 404 pages in them. This happened to one of our amazing clients recently. Some of the most beautiful photos I’ve seen from a business owner have come from Slice of Divine Charcuterie, but the owner ran into a back office issue.

The owner turned to Facebook and asked…

Which website creator is best?

I may be a little biased, but at MJ Squad, we like to think of ourselves as the best website designers out there. So I answered her with a comment and we had a chance to connect on the phone. I was able work within a budget and provide solutions to the site where she was stuck. We discussed website features that she needed and our ability to pick up where she left off. Unlike other companies, we will use an existing site on the platform it was started on wherever possible. We are not only able to configure Google settings, but with our background in design, you get that added element of wow. We also go over each client’s needs to help decide which website builder is best for that type of business.

Photos from Slice of Divine Charcuterie

Once we logged in to Slice of Divine Charcuterie, we realized that her issue was a huge technical problem, and not her fault at all! A glitch in the platform’s system gave her an old version that didn’t support new templates, custom design, & integrations into other programs. We were able recreate her website, add additional custom design, & plug in all the needed integrations.

Over the few weeks it took to create, the owner was able to focus on her business and family and not worry about working on her website. She was booked out with orders for her charcuterie boards, but knew that if the site stayed on her plate, it would still be there when she finished the orders, just waiting for her to have more time in the day.

Now what?

When creating a website, think... is that my best use of time as a business owner? Or maybe if the website is set up by a professional, I can focus on perfecting my business process.

Get a website creator for business- and give us a call or schedule a phone consultation at MJ Squad. We can make site updates, we can make a website and logo, and we can go from start to finish on a web

site. As a small business support service, we will hold your hand through the process and get the job done.

What was the result of creating a "free" website and then getting stuck? A solution! MJ Squad provided the needed small business support and Slice of Divine Charcuterie is one of my personal favorite sites designed by MJ Squad! What do you think?

If you need a free call to talk about your website today, pick an option that works best for you, and connect. I look forward to growing with you!


Jacquelynne Hess

Co-Founder of MJ Squad

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