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Website Project

Please complete our new client form, submit your 50% deposit, and then a designer will be in contact with you to get your project started.

Megan Kalbach

Project Manager

Shannon Shaner

Project Assistant

Alicia Irwin

Website Design

Sarah Kauffman

Content Editor

Chandra McCombie

SEO Specialist

Megan Schnupp

Design Assistant

We are excited to work with you!

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Steps to get your project rolling




Pay your initial deposit (50% of total invoice)


Your Vision Casting call with your designer. 
During this call, your designer will make a detailed list of the items needed to complete your site. She will follow up with your completed site map and a homework list for you to Complete before the Project Design Date.


Add all needed homework items from Your designer's list into your google drive folder. 

Make sure not to miss anything as this will delay the design process.


Once all Needed items are added to the google Share folder, your designer will start the design process.

It's Time to celebrate; Your website is on its way!

FILL OUT TWO FORMS, click on the links above.

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