Meet MJ

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


M is for Megan


Megan has a degree in architecture and an eye for design. She worked as a kitchen and bath designer before discovering her beauty consulting business. For the last 10 years, she has built her beauty business as an Independent Sales Director expanding her organization to over 80 members. Along with growing up in a family business, the powerful combination of these two careers has made Megan a leader in vision casting, business development, and systems that keeps her working smarter and not harder. Pictured with her is her husband of 11 years and their two children, as Megan receives the top award for successfully teaching the most women how to run their business that year. 

J is for Jacquelynne


Jacque has a degree in education and grew up  working at her family's restaurant. After spending 16 years cake decorating, event planning, and general managing, she opened her own beauty business. Over the last four years, she has honed in on her passion to help people understand business and to grow their passions and dreams. She earned top honors in her business every year earning a prestigious award for personally selling over $40,000 retail each year.  She specializes in networking and sales;  teaching business owners how to truly connect with their clientele. Pictured with her is her husband of 11 years and their three children. 


We are the dream team you've been waiting for


As women who both grew up in family businesses, we understand where you are coming from. We understand the need to stay cutting edge and current while not knowing how to get there. Our skill sets compliment each other to provide top to bottom service catered to your specific needs. From websites to logo design, we are the squad that gets it done.


Our Story

In spring of 2020, both Megan & Jacque found themselves helping out family and friends to cope with sudden shift to contactless everything. After creating a number of new office procedures and building websites, they realized that they stumbled upon their calling. That fall, MJ Squad ran into trouble when many events they wanted to attend cancelled, so they decided to do something about it. 


March 2021, MJ Squad expanded to MJ Events. The community event marked the heart of the public's desire to return to normal. With over 100 businesses and 5,000 people, the first event was a success! Since then, MJ Events has run over a dozen events. 

MJ Small Business Squad's goal is to help small businesses at affordable prices. Our services include marketing events for small businesses to sell and attend, social media posting, website creation, inventory management training, branding, and so much more. 

Meet The Squad


Megan Kalbach

Founder and the M in MJ Squad

Megan oversees MJ Squad Events and our social media clients. She also specializes in in-store marketing, sales growth marketing and graphic design. 


Alyssa Jayne

Graphic Designer

Alyssa partners with our social media clients to create their monthly online marketing plan. She also creates custom graphics and marketing materials


Kelly Forrey

MJ Support Specialist

Kelly assists our team in the marketing and promotion of events for both MJ Squad and our clients. She also assists with specialty projects for MJ Squad and our clients. 


Shannon Shaner

Event Specialist & MK Support

Shannon supports businesses at our events, assist in day to day

operation and oversees the packing and shipping all of our director support kits and holiday kits.


Crystal Consylman

Event Coordinator

Crystal assists with day-of coordination for our MJ Squad Events team. 


Jacquelynne Hess

Founder and the J in MJ Squad

Jacque oversees our website clients and store inventorying programs. She also specializes in custom logo design, custom color branding, site automations, and graphic design. 


Heather Ensslen

Systems Developer and

Social Media Expert

Heather organizes and runs our back office. She schedules post and events for our social media clients and MJ Squad Events. She also maintains our clients' monthly services.


Sarah Kauffman


Sarah is our MJ Squad editor. She edits all new websites before they are published and all printed marketing materials before they go to print. 


Victoria Graham

Director Support Kits

Victoria assists with packing and shipping all of our director support kits and holiday kits.


Lauren Turner

Website Deisgner

Lauren is part of the MJ Squad Website team. She partners with clients to bring their vision for online presence to life. 

Our Website Clients

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