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Custom Logos

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Custom Logos

When you get a logo from MJ Squad, you are not just getting an image. You are getting all the information you need to continue building your brand cohesively across any platform. 

We send your logo in both low and high resolution, and with a transparent and a nontransparent background. 

One of our dedicated designers will confer with you and render an image based off of your ideas. We work to get each aspect perfect so it's an image you will never want to change. 

Want to add the market research to go along with your logo? Ask about our premium logos.

Custom Logos
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Logo Upgrades

We work from a wide variety of images and craft them together to make your logo perfect. With this art, we are able to keep the costs affordable.

We are also able to design with lots of different upgraded options. Choose the type of logo that best fits your needs!

Logo Upgrades:

"Hand rendered" Outline with 100% original art

Artistic Logo

Additional high resolution images from your proofs

Logo Upgrades

Custom Logos

Sample Logos